Ensuring that Chooser loads with DevelopChooser
Now that you have completed the class Chooser, it is important that you version and release the class. If you do not release Chooser and later load DevelopChooser, you will not be able to browse Chooser or its methods.
To learn how to version and release Chooser, see Example: Creating a class version and Example: Releasing a class.
If you do not release Chooser and subsequently it disappears from your image, try to recover your work by reloading Chooser into your image as follows:
1. From an Application Manager, select DevelopChooser.
2. From the Classes menu, select More Recent Editions. A window is displayed, listing Chooser.
3. Select the class name; then select OK. A browser is displayed, listing a time stamp for each edition of Chooser that you created. You probably see only one edition listed.
4. Select the time stamp so the class description and the method names are displayed.
5. Inspect the edition.
6. If you have more than one edition, select the time stamp for the edition that you want in your application.
7. From the Classes menu, select Load Edition.
8. Create a version of Chooser and then release it.
Last modified date: 02/28/2019