This guide helps you to complete and deliver applications using the VA Smalltalk basic development environment. It is divided into several parts:
Getting started provides introductory material on the VA Smalltalk basic development environment, its components and concepts including the concepts that support team programming.
Making your own applications explains the process of creating Smalltalk applications. Several examples are included.
Inspecting and debugging code describes two important tools, the Inspector and the Debugger.
Handling software components discusses moving, deleting, filing in, and filing out components.
Handling team software components gives detailed information on how to handle software components in a team environment. Topics include version control, releasing, and defining lineups for multiplatform components.
Performing team system administration includes topics such as library operations and crash recovery.
Packaging, unloading, and analyzing code: After your application works, you package it to prepare it for distribution. This part explains several packaging strategies. This part also covers the Swapper, a high speed object loader/unloader, and tools for monitoring memory and analyzing code performance.
Setting up, customizing, and extending the system gives you information on setting up the product and on fine-tuning your development environment.
Several sample applications illustrate the software components and programming concepts:
DevelopChooser, DevelopStopwatch, DevelopTextEditor, DevelopTimeLogger, and DevelopScreenCapture provide basic steps to create your own applications.
DevelopChooser is used to demonstrate how to inspect a complex object and perform some specific debugging tasks.
DevelopChooser, DevelopStopwatch and DevelopTimeLogger show you how to manage software components in both single user and team development settings.
DevelopChooser uses the packaging tool to reduce a development image into a runtime image. To-Do List from Getting Started illustrates packaging into a set of Image Components.
DevelopChooser is used to show one way to extend the system by causing one of the DevelopChooser applications of open on image startup.
Last modified date: 09/28/2021