Changing prerequisites
If the prerequisite checking determines that you need to change the prerequisites of your application, following to change the prerequisites:
1. In an Application Manager, select your application.
2. From a Prerequisites menu, select Change. A dialog window opens, with the available applications listed on the left, and the selected immediate prerequisites listed on the right. The two buttons in the center will cause selected applications to move between the two lists. Kernel is the only immediate prerequisite. It appears in parentheses ().
You cannot remove Kernel as a prerequisite. This is because it is a strict prerequisite i.e. one of the minimum set of prerequisites required to load an application. The parentheses () indicate this fact.
3. Click on the new prerequisite application and then >> to select it. Note that Kernel disappears, because this dialog lists only immediate prerequisites.
4. Select OK. In the Application Manager, the prerequisites pane should now list the new prerequisite.
You can see what applications are prerequisites for an application using the Show All menu choice in the Prerequisites menu. What is shown represents the entire scope of visibility the classes in your application have.
To display only the prerequisite you selected, select Show Immediate from the Prerequisites menu.
When you file in or change code, the Transcript might print messages saying #<method>: should not reference <class>. These messages indicate that the application you are working with needs to add a prerequisite. The application containing the class named in the message is what you should add as the prerequisite.
Last modified date: 05/19/2020