Installing a Team Development Client
Before installing a VAST Client for team development, you need to know some information about where the library is installed. EMSRV is used to connect to the library which is installed on a network server for team development. The system administrator should provide the following information about the VAST library:
The TCP hostname or the IP address (dotted decimal address) of the server where the library is installed.
The port that the client will connect to on the server machine (defaults to 4800).
The absolute path for the library on the server machine. The drive letter must be the drive letter on the server machine, not the mapped drive letter for the server machine.
To understand where the client is installed, refer to file locations.
To install only a VAST Client do the following:
Run the downloaded VAST Platform product installer.
1. Read the License Agreement. If you agree to the terms and conditions, select the radio button “I accept the Terms”. Otherwise, select “I do not accept the Terms” to decline and exit the installation program.
2. On the Installation Type screen, select “Custom”, and click Next to continue.
3. On the Custom Installation Screen, deselect the “Manager” Feature by right clicking on its icon and selecting “This feature will not be available” from the popup menu. If you do not have enough space for the installation, you must make enough space available before you can click Next to continue.
4. You may choose to install a shortcut to Environments on your desktop by checking the “Install an Environments Shortcut on the Desktop” box. A shortcut will always be available from the Start Menu. Click Next to continue.
5. Verify the information, then click Next and give the installer administrative privileges to finish the installing the VAst Client.
6. All files for the Client and Admin Tools will be copied to the varoot directory.
7. When the installation is complete, check the “View Readme” checkbox to view the readme.txt file and click Finish to end the install program.
Your next step is to launch Environments and enter the library location information supplied by your system administrator to correctly configure your environment to connect to the library via EMSRV.
You do not need to reboot your machine after installation.
Last modified date: 02/18/2021