Web Connection User Guide
Web Connection User Guide
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Introduction to Web Connection
What you get with Web Connection
Web Connection parts
Web Server Interface
Application flow
URL format
Setting up Web Connection
Setting up the Web Connection server interface
Setting up the Servlet interface
Setting up the Server Smalltalk interface
Setting up for CGI
Setting up for Microsoft Internet Server API (ISAPI)
Customizing the WSI configuration file
Setting Web browser launch options
Testing your installation
Test the Http server
Test the web server interface configuration
Setup and test your WSI and VAST image configuration
Troubleshooting Hello, World!
Using the WSI monitor interface
Building a Web Connection application
A Hello World application
An input and reply sample application
Building the input page
Building the reply page
Building pages with the Web Connection visual parts
Working with the visual parts
Building basic pages
Creating a page
Adding text
Adding images
Building reusable composites
Resizing the page
Building forms
Creating a form
Adding parts to a form
Using divisions
Using layers
Using framesets
Using style sheets
Adding scripts
Example: Building the To-do List interface
Coding HTML directly
Using tables for page layout
Selecting grids, cells, rows, and columns
Adding and deleting rows and columns
Adding parts to a grid
Using the nonvisual parts
Retrieving form data
Setting up Form Data
Preserving session data
What defines a session?
Setting up CGI Link Session Data
Using Cookies
Connecting to the nonvisual parts
Example: Making the To-do List work
Processing requests
Accessing request data
Routing requests to different pages
Example: Routing requests
Using multiple pages in the same part
Using Web Connection with other HTML Builders
Setting up the HTML File Wrapper
Generating the HTML file wrapper
Using the AbtHtmlFileWrapper subclass
Caching HTML pages
Using Form Data
Static form data
Dynamic form data
Using Session Data
Making Changes to the Page Layout, File Name, or Path
Page layout changes
File name or absolute path changes
Working with database queries
Setting up a table
Setting up a multi-row table manually
Setting up a multi-row table with Quick HTML
Displaying single-row queries
Web Connection User Guide
Adding generic objects to a table
Packaging a Web Connection application
Creating a runtime image
Setting up the runtime system
Server configuration file format
Viewing generated HTML
Advanced topics
Accessing request information
AbtAppBldrHtmlPage instance methods
AbtWsiTransaction instance methods
AbtWsiRequest instance methods
AbtWsiResponse instance methods
Session data
Generating HTML from Smalltalk
Error handling
AbtWsiConfiguration class methods
AbtAbtBldrHtmlPage class methods
Web Connection category
Visual Parts
Line Break
Horizontal Rule
Grid Column
Grid Row
Grid Cell
Table Column
Frame Set Page
Style Sheet
Nonvisual parts
CGI Link Request
CGI Link Session Data
Cookie Wrapper
Form Data
Page Wrapper
Web Form Parts category
Visual Parts
Hidden Input
Push Button
Check Box
Radio Button Set
Entry Field
Multi-line Entry Field
Multiple Select List
Drop-down List
Models category
Nonvisual Parts
Converter Filter
Web Connection Windows
Web Connection Preferences Window
URL Window
HTML File Wrapper Generator Window
Color Window