Report Tester
Use the Report Tester window to test a report from the Composition Editor. This window contains a Report Preview part that displays the body of your report.
If your report requires that information be passed to it from another part, such as a visual part, then you need to initialize your report with information before you can open a Report Tester on it. Examples of reports that need to be initialized include those that execute a database query with a host variable, or those that depend on an external source of information, such as a file name.
One way to initialize a report is to create a private instance method called finalInitialize that sets the values you need for the report to be formatted.
To access the Report Tester, in the Composition Editorselect the Test push button.
Menu choices
From the Report menu, you can select the following options:
Select Print to print the report. When you select this menu item, the Printer Selection dialog displays.
Select Preview to open a Print Preview window on the report.
Print setup
Select Print setup to set printing options for the report. When you select this menu item, the printer setup window for your default printer displays.
Select Refresh to update the Report Tester window with new or altered information. Use this menu option to display any changes that you make to your report in the Composition Editor.
Select Inspect to open an inspector on the report.
This menu option opens an inspector on an AbtVariable, which represents the contents of the Report Viewer in the Report Tester window. The value contained in AbtVariable is your report shell. To open an inspector on the contents of your report shell, select the variable value from the left pane of the inspector and then select Inspect from the Variables menu.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015