Report Iterator
Use the Report Iterator Report Iterator iconpart to report on a collection of objects, such as the result table of a database query, a collection of model objects, or a stream of objects or characters.
Class Name: AbtReportIterator
Like a Report Shell, a Report Iterator has a header, body, and footer. These are special forms that have the following functions:
The header is formatted before starting to iterate the report data. The header can be repeated on each page of the report that the iterator is on.
The body is formatted once for each item in the report data (for example, for each row in a query result table or each item in a collection)
The footer is formatted after all the data in the body has been formatted.
You can add a Report Iterator part to a Report Line part on a report shell, a report form, or another Report Iterator. Within the body of the Report Iterator, you can place any number of lines containing fields, forms, or nested iterators.
To use this part, you need to associate it with the data to be iterated on. Several standard iterable objects, such as ordered collections, streams, and database query result tables, have been enabled for reporting. These objects now have Quick Report forms that connect the data in an iterable object (such as the current row in a result table or the current item in a collection) to fields in a Report Iterator.
Any iterable object can be enabled for reporting by implementing a simple protocol. The Report Iterator's body is repeated for each item of data. The fields in the body are updated for each item by connections to attributes of the current item.
This part can inherit all of its settings from the Report Shell part, or you can work with its public interface and settings to format it independently of the Report Shell part. You can also access the public interface and settings of its components individually.
Last modified date: 08/17/2018