Report Shell
Use the Report Shell Report Shellpart to create a new report and add information to it. The Report Shell part provides a canvas for you to create and format reports. It represents a complete report and serves as the parent part for all other report parts that you add. Its settings (such as fonts and colors) can be inherited by the other report parts that you add to it.
Class Name: AbtReportShell
The Report Shell is the primary part for all reports. When you open the Composition Editor on a new report part, it contains a Report Shell with a header, body, and footer. These components are Report Forms with special functions and cannot be deleted from the Report Shell. The header and footer are repeated on each page of the printed report. The body initially contains one Report Line, to which you can add other lines, forms, iterators, and fields to make up your report.
Last modified date: 08/17/2018