Message descriptions
Message and description
Printing Complete
You have requested to print a report and printing is complete.
An iterator has no iterable object and will appear empty.
You have a Report Iterator part in your report that is not connected to an iterable object. No information will show up in the report. See Reporting on an ordered collection for an example of how to report on an iterable object. See Enabling objects for reporting for instructions on enabling iterable objects for reporting.
Invalid range, no range specified.
You have attempted to print selected pages of a report but not specified a page range to print.
Invalid range: '%1'. '%2' must be an integer.
You have attempted to print selected pages of a report but specified invalid characters for the page range. Use only integers (such as 3 - 14) to specify the page range.
Invalid range: '%1'. Range end is less than range beginning.
Make sure you enter the smaller integer of the page range before the larger one. Specify 3 - 14 instead of 14 - 3, for example. page range
%1 has no data to iterate.
The iterable object that you are attempting to report on contains no information. If you want to report on an ordered collection, for example, make sure you populate the ordered collection with information before you try to test, preview, or print it.
Cannot load bitmap from file '%1'.
You have selected either the Icon or the Bitmap radio button on the Report Image settings and selected an .ICO or .BMP file to load an image from; or you have included the DLL extension in the file name field. To load an image into a report, do the following:
From a DLL
Type the name of the DLL, without the extension, and select either the Icon or the Bitmap button. Type the resource ID in the ID field.
From an ICO or BMP file
Type the name of the file, with the extension, and select the Image button.
No current item found, cannot create group.
You have requested a quick report and there is a problem with the attribute you have selected. This error should rarely occur, but if it does, make sure you have selected the correct attribute.
No iterator defined, cannot add group.
You have requested a quick report on a part that is iterable, but has no iterator. This message can also be caused by a problem in tearing off the iterator or current attribute of the part.
Cannot create a body field for attribute %1.
You have selected an attribute that does not have a quick report defined, for example, self of a complex object, which cannot be formatted. The attributes to be included in a quick report should be of types like String, Number, Date, Time, or Boolean, which have standard converters.
Last modified date: 08/17/2018