Testing your application
Now your report application is complete and you are ready to test all of its functions.
1. Save BusinessExpenseView.
2. In the Composition Editor for BusinessExpenseView, select Test, the Test button.
The window for your application opens.
3. To select an employee to create a report for, select the drop-down list button and then select an employee name.
4. To enter business expenses, place the mouse pointer over the container, press button 2, and then select Add Expense.
This action adds a new row to the container.
5. Add information to the container by tabbing between cells and typing into each.
6. After you are satisfied with the expenses you've entered, select the Run Report button.
The database information and business expenses appear in the report viewer.
7. When the report shows the information you want to print, press Preview Report to display it in printer format or Print Report to print it.
Last modified date: 08/17/2018