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Changing the settings of report parts
Each report part has properties that you can use to set options such as the fonts, color, and position of report parts.
To open the Properties window of a report part, do any of the following:
Double-click on the part.
Select a part, then select Open Settings from the pop-up menu for the part.
Select a part, then select Open Properties tool icon from the tool bar.
Changing the font in the header
Try changing the font of the report header as follows:
1. Select the report header.
If a report part has more than one field on it, it can be difficult to tell which field you have selected. Look in the status area of the Composition Editor to see which field is currently selected.
Report parts inherit many of their settings from their parent parts. The fields in a report header inherit their settings as follows:
From the report shell
From the report header
From the report line
You can set or change these settings by altering the settings of a report field directly, or by altering the settings of its parent part. In this example, you will set the font for the entire report header, but you could also use a different font for the report line, the date field, the title field, or the time field, by opening the properties of each field and setting the font there.
2. Open the properties for the report header.
3. Select the deviceFont field and open the Font Selection window.
4. Use this window to select a typeface, weight, and size for the report header. Then select OK to save your changes.
5. To inherit the font from a parent part, you can click the Default button in the Font Selection window.
In a similar way, you can change the background and foreground colors for a report or individual report parts.
Reformatting the page number field
Some report settings are easier to alter by directly editing or manipulating the parts; others are easier to alter by using the report part properties. You can change the position of the page number field in the report footer and the alignment of the page number in the field as follows.
Changing the position of the field
To change the position of the report page number field in the footer, select the field and then mouse button 1 to drag the field to the right in the report line.
To ensure that multiple report lines or fields are aligned with each other, you can use the X field of the properties table to indent the fields an equal number of units from the left side of their parents.
Changing the alignment of the page number
You can change the alignment the page number within the page number field as follows:
1. To open the settings of the page number field, select the field and double-click mouse button 1.
2. Select the justification field.
3. To change the alignment from centered to right-justified, use the drop-down list to select Right justification.
4. To save the settings, select OK.
Last modified date: 04/23/2020