Reports Information : Appendix B. VA Smalltalk Reports tips : Tips for using scripts with Reports
Tips for using scripts with Reports
Some sample code has been added to the AbtReportPrinter class to help you select printers from scripts in your reporting application. See the methods default and named: in the AbtReportPrinter class.
Scripts which are called via attribute-to-script connections can be called before any queries or data initialization has been done. Therefore, you should code these scripts to handle nil values from uninitialized parts, and you should use the More dependencies feature of the attribute-to-script connection's properties to make sure the field is recalculated when the appropriate data has been updated.
To set multi-line text in a Report Field from a script, insert a backslash in the string where you want a line break, and use the inserted.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015