General tips
When using calculated fields in a report, you must place the calculated field on a separate line from the field that is being calculated. This avoids timing problems which can cause unpredictable results in your calculation.
Deleting a Field Break's watch field can cause problems. When building a report using field breaks, do not delete the watch field for a break. Deleting the watch field causes a walkback during testing like: AbtExternalSubpartBuilder does not understand coElement.
To delete a break, use the Remove Field Break menu option. During runtime, it will ensure the break is never triggered.
The Catalog of Classes report includes references to class and application information which is not available at runtime, such as the owner of a class or application, and edition information. This makes it impossible to package and run this report as a runtime application. The IconViewer example from the sample application can be packaged instead.
Be sure to include CLKS.BMP when you package a Report application. Failure to do so will cause a Runtime error: Primitive failed in: Smalltalk>>#quo: due to Divide by zero in argument 1.
If you enter a Tab in a Report Text Field, a graphic character will display in the field during edit time. At runtime, it will be translated into a tab.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015