Reports Information : Appendix A. Installing an ODBC text database
Appendix A. Installing an ODBC text database
To create the sample reporting application in this book, you need to install and set up your ODBC driver. You also need to load the VA Smalltalk ODBC support and need create a sample ODBC database. The sample database used in this book is a text database named SAMPLEDB.
To use the VA Smalltalk ODBC access, load the VA: Database, Common Samples, VA: Database, ODBC, and VA:Database, ODBC Samples features into your image.
Creating an ODBC text database
After you have set up your ODBC driver and data sources, you can create a sample database. To create a sample database:
1. Run the AbtGeneralLauncherView of the AbtGeneralDBSamples application.
2. In the General Sample Launcher, select the Connect tab and then Connect to Database.
3. In the Database Managers window, select ODBC and then OK.
4. In the SQL Data Sources window, select SAMPLEDB, or your data source, and then OK.
5. On the Connect tab, select Build Database Sample. In the Build Sample Tables window, select the type of database you are using. If your database type is not listed, select text. Then select OK.
The sample tables are created and stored in your database.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015