VA Smalltalk Reports parts
The VA Smalltalk Reports feature provides the following parts on the Composition Editor parts palette:
Report Shell part
Report Shell
The primary part of all report parts. The Report Shell represents a complete report. When you create a new report part and open the Composition Editor on it, it contains a Report Shell with the following:
A report header with one report line containing a date field, a title field (containing the name of the new report part), and a time field
A report body with one report line
A report footer with one report line containing a page number field
Report Form part
Report Form
A composite part with any number of lines. A Report Form can be placed within a Report Line or exist as a special component of a Report Shell or Report Iterator. You can also use a Report Form as the primary part for an embeddable report form. This use of the Report Form part makes it easy to construct reports with text, fields, and images that you use often, such as a letterhead.
Report Free Form part
Report Free Form
Use the Report Free Form part to create a group of one or more Report Free Form Lines in a report. The Report Free Form is a specialized composite which enables composite report elements to be embedded within Report Free Form Lines. The standard Report Form cannot be dropped onto a Report Free Form Line.
Report Line part
Report Line
A composite part that provides a way to specify a vertical grouping of report elements. Report Lines are placed within report forms and fill the width of the forms.
Report Free Form Line part
Report Free Form Line
The Report Free Form Line part is a composite part that provides a way to group report elements.The Report Free Form Line is vertically sizeable.
This type of report line can be used to support layout of business forms. You specify both horizontal and vertical position of report fields within a Report Free Form Line. All report parts that a Report Free Form Line can contain now have y and height attributes to be used in conjunction with Report Free Form Lines.
Report Iterator part
Report Iterator
Allows you to report on a collection of objects, such as the results of a database query, a collection of model objects, or a stream of objects or characters. Like a Report Shell, a Report Iterator has a header, body, and footer.
Report Fields
Allow users to specify data to be displayed. Report fields are placed in report lines. There are two kinds of report fields: those containing user-supplied information and those containing system-supplied information:
Report Text Field part
Report Text Field
You can type text into this field or connect the object attribute of the field to an object containing data to be displayed in the report.
Report Image Field part
Report Image Field
You can include icons, bitmaps, and other graphical images in your reports by specifying the file name of your image in the Report Image Field's properties table.
Report Calculated Field part
Report Calculated Field
Keeps track of the count, total, average, lowest, greatest, or current value of numeric data in a text field. Report Calculated Fields use the reset action to allow connections from events from other objects to trigger the accumulator to be set to zero.
Report Date Field part
Report Date Field
A field containing the current date.
Report Time Field part
Report Time Field
A field containing the current time.
Report Page Number Field part
Report Page Number Field
A field containing the current page number of the report.
Report Title Field part
Report Title Field
VA Smalltalk supplies a title for a report when you create it, but you can change the title by directly editing this field or setting the title in the field's properties table.

Report Column part
Report Column
Use the Report Column part to add vertical lines to your report for grid style reporting. Columns have a borderStyle property that is used to determine the appearance of grid lines.
By default, columns are constructed with a border on the right edge of the column, and no top, bottom, or left borders. When used in the Composition Editor, default columns will appear as a vertical line. Report columns respect the Default border style preference that can be set from the Organizer. The width of a column can be set either by dragging the selection handles for the column or by setting the width property.
Report Viewer part
Report Viewer
Provides a view that can be embedded in your application to display report information at run time from your application's user interface.
Report Printer part
Report Printer
Provides a prompt to select a physical print device to be used for previewing or printing a report.
Last modified date: 08/17/2018