Formatting reports
Reports can have page headers, footers, and a body. The body can contain any number of lines which, in turn, contain fields for printing text. Each report part provides a settings view, which you use to specify options for pagination, placement, size, alignment, fonts, and colors. The fonts and colors used in a report part can be the default values set in the VA Smalltalk Preferences notebook, inherited from a parent part, or set individually. You can, for example, specify one font to use for text in the body of your report, and another font for the title, headings, and footers. The settings views also provide options for handling long text fields. You can wrap the text to additional lines, allow the text to overrun the width of their field, or clip the text.
The iterator can have a header, a footer, and field breaks. Field breaks enable you to insert an optional header and footer in a report when the value of a field changes.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015