Programmer Reference : Time Zones : Error Handling and Trouble Shooting
Error Handling and Trouble Shooting
The DateAndTime code uses the log4s framework to log error and info messages to a logger named timeZones. You can enable it by adding something like this to the log4s stanza of your ini file:
consoleAppender=timeZones, All, EsPatternLayout, '%-15d %c %-5p %l %16m'
If the startup code in EsTimeZoneDatabase fails to find the zoneinfo data, or fails to find the timeZoneRuleSet specified, it will create a dummy EsTimeZone using the system offset. For instance, if the zoneinfoPath in the ini file is incorrect and Windows says that the system offset is -18000 seconds, the startup code will create a dummy EsTimeZone object with the name 'TZ-05:00:00', set EsTimeZoneDatabase singleton defaultTimeZone and DateAndTime LocalTimeZone to it, and log an error message. Note that this dummy time zone has just one DST transition which will always respond that DST=false.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015