Correcting declaration errors
The declaration methods of loaded applications and subapplications can be modified at any time to correct declaration errors.
Normally an application cannot be loaded if it has declaration errors. To correct declaration errors in an application that is not loaded, follow these steps.
1. Evaluate EmImageBuilder cancelIfDeclarationErrors: false. With this option disabled, load operations are not canceled if declaration errors are encountered.
2. To successfully load the application, you may need to temporarily define and initialize critical variables that are missing or incorrectly specified in the application's declarations. To accomplish this, do either of the following:
a. Use protocols such as declareVariable: in the Smalltalk dictionary.
b. Create temporary declaration methods in a loaded application.
3. Load the application that has declaration errors.
4. Correct the errors in the application's declaration methods.
5. Remove any temporary declaration methods that were added to make it possible to load the application that has declaration errors.
6. Verify the changes using Make Consistent of the Applications menu in an Application Manager with the desired applications selected.
7. Re-enable cancelIfDeclarationErrors to ensure that operations fail if declaration errors are encountered. This ensures that methods with declaration errors are not released into a configuration.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015