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When several applications contribute to a pool
All declarations of pool variables in a pool must appear in the same application/subapplication subtree. Other applications cannot extend a pool by adding pool variables to it because this introduces a mutual dependency between applications.
There are several strategies to resolve cases where several applications contribute pool variables to a common pool.
Place the declarations for the pool and its pool variables in a common prerequisite application (perhaps a declarations-only application created for the purpose).
Subdivide the pool into several pools, each owned by one application, and change the class definitions to reference the appropriate subset of the pools.
Convert the pool into a variable containing a Dictionary (or LookupTable), and convert all references to pool variables to use explicit at: and at:put:. This conversion may significantly degrade runtime performance because it forces lookup operations to be done at run time rather that at compile time.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015