Scope rules
The unmanaged namespace
Global variables and pools defined in the unmanaged namespace have no enforced visibility restrictions.
A managed namespace
The scope rules for referencing classes, application variables, and pools that are defined in a managed namespace honor the prerequisite relationship between applications.
Within application A, the following names are visible:
Names in A's namespace
Public names managed by A's transitive prerequisites
Within application A, the following names are not visible:
Names declared in applications that are not in A's prerequisite chain
Names that are declared as private in an application namespace other than A's
The names of classes, pools, and application variables can be referenced only if they have the following characteristics:
Defined in the namespace in which they are referenced
Publicly defined in one of the namespaces of the application's prerequisites
These scope rules apply for all names, including the names of the following entities:
Superclasses and shared pools referenced in class definitions
Classes being extended
Variables not declared local to the method body, other than class variables and instance variables
Out-of-scope references in applications are found by selecting Query > Out Of Scope References from the Tools menu of the Transcript. Out-of-scope references generate warnings, which are logged to the Transcript.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015