Rectangle supports an extensive accessing protocol for getting and setting points on the boundary of a rectangle. Most of the other messages are provided to facilitate graphics calculations.
Porting tip:
While CLDT Rectangles are similar to those defined in Objectworks\Smalltalk, there are many differences from the Smalltalk/V implementation. This is likely because CLDT and Objectworks\Smalltalk are both based on the Blue Book.
bottom, bottom:, bottomCenter, bottomLeft, bottomLeft:, bottomRight, bottomRight:, center, corner, corner:, extent, extent:, height, height:, left, left:, leftCenter, origin, origin:, origin:corner:, origin:extent:, right, right:, rightCenter, top, top:, topCenter, topLeft, topLeft:, topRight, topRight:, width, width:
Porting tip:
Objectworks\Smalltalk omits the accessors bottomLeft: and topRight:. We include them because all the other corners had a set message, and topRight: is specified in the Red Book. Smalltalk/V reverses the names of the corner accessors, that is bottomLeft becomes leftBottom, bottomRight becomes rightBottom, and so forth. Smalltalk/V does not support the accessors (or functional equivalents) bottom:, bottomLeft:, bottomCenter, left:, leftCenter, origin:, right:, rightCenter, top:, topCenter, or topRight:.
Geometric functions
amountToTranslateWithin:, area, areasOutside:, contains:, containsPoint:, expandBy:, insetBy:, insetOriginBy:cornerBy:, intersect:, intersects:, merge:, moveBy:, moveTo:, scaleBy:, translateBy:
Porting tip:
Objectworks\Smalltalk calls the scaleBy: and translateBy: messages scaledBy: and translatedBy:. We have used the names specified by the Blue Book and Red Book. Smalltalk/V does not support the messages amountToTranslateWithin:, area, areasOutside:, contains:, and insetOriginBy:cornerBy:, which are all in the Blue Book.
Creating instances (rectangle class)
left:right:top:bottom:, origin:corner:, origin:extent:
Porting tip:
Objectworks\Smalltalk includes several messages that enable users to interactively define Rectangles on the display screen. CLDT does not support such messages, which are not consistent with Blue Book or Red Book usage. Smalltalk/V does not support left:right:top:bottom:.
Truncating and rounding
rounded, truncated
Last modified date: 01/29/2015