Creating the OLE main window
Since applications using OCXs are OLE containers, they must also use the OleMainWindow class rather than CwMainWindow. Even though OCXs do not use menus or do not require additional window space for status bars and so on, they still require OleMainWindow to support in-place activation of the contained OCXÆs user interface. As in Creating an OLE main window, an OleMainWindow is simply created using:
createMainWindow: shell
"Private - Create and answer the main window for the receiver."
createOleMainWindow: 'main'
argBlock: [:w | w hostName: 'Container']) manageChild
Since OCXs do not use menus, no menu groups need be registered with the OleMainWindow (unless of course, there are OleClient widgets used for embedded or linked OLE objects in the same application).
Last modified date: 01/29/2015