Locating message catalogs
The X/Open UNIX standard defines an environment variable called NLSPATH that specifies the directories to be searched for localized files. The Locale class provides similar facilities for VA Smalltalk applications through the NlsPath variable, which contains a collection of directory paths to search for message catalogs.
The nlsPath and nlsPath: methods are provided to query and set the value of the NlsPath variable. The value of the NlsPath variable is not affected by reinitializing the current locale.
All NlsMessageCatalog protocols that read from a specified path first assume the path to be absolute. If the first attempt to open this file fails, it is assumed to be a relative path name located in one of the directories specified by Locale nlsPath. Therefore, once NlsPath is set, you need only specify the name of the desired message catalog when using the NlsMessageCatalog read operations described in the following section.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015