Date represents an abstraction for a given day of a given year. The Blue Book specifies the instance protocol of Date in functional form, but does not actually define method names for most operations. Consequently, although all Smalltalk vendors provide basically the same functionality, there is some variation between the message names used. The general form is that Date provides protocol for manipulating dates, while Date class supports instance creation and general queries.
dayName, dayOfMonth, dayOfYear, dayIndex, monthIndex, monthName, year
Porting tip:
Objectworks\Smalltalk does not support dayName or dayIndex. Smalltalk/V supports the dayIndex message with the days of the week numbered starting with Monday as day 1. However, because CLDT provides National Language Support features based on the POSIX.1 standard, the CLDT dayIndex message answers Sunday as day 1.
addDays:, asSeconds, daysFromBaseDay, daysInMonth, daysInYear, daysLeftInMonth, daysLeftInYear, firstDayOfMonth, subtractDate:, subtractDays:
Porting tip:
Objectworks\Smalltalk does not support daysLeftInMonth. Neither Objectworks\Smalltalk nor Smalltalk/V support daysFromBaseDay for Date.
Creating Instances
dateAndTimeNow, fromDays:, newDay:month:year:, newDay:monthIndex:year:, newDay:year:, today
Porting tip:
Neither Objectworks\Smalltalk or Smalltalk/V support newDay:monthIndex:year:.
daysInMonth:forYear:, daysInYear:, indexOfDay:, indexOfMonth:, nameOfDay:, nameOfMonth:
Last modified date: 01/29/2015