Programmer Reference : Dynamic data exchange : Examples : Two windows exchanging data
Two windows exchanging data
To run this test case, evaluate the following:
DdeTestClient new open.
DdeTestServer new open.
This opens up two windows--one a DDE client and the other a DDE server. Both windows are able to interact with each other for the exchange of information through DDE.
The menu items on the DDE server enable the server to update the item. The menu items on the DDE client enable the client to connect to the server, hotlink/warmlink/coldlink to the data item, request data from the server, poke data to the server, and ask the server to run a command. The client can also bring up a dialog showing the available servers, topics, and items.
When the server sends the item, it uses the VA Smalltalk Swapper to flatten the Smalltalk object into a ByteArray, and the client uses the Swapper to turn the ByteArray back into a Smalltalk object before displaying it in the Transcript window.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015