Building a DDE client
The following description uses terms defined in DDE concepts and definitions. An example follows the description. See Discussion of the DdeClient for further information.
To build a DDE client application:
1. Create a DdeClient.
2. Connect to a DDE server by sending the message connect:topic: to the DdeClient with the name of the server and the name of the topic that you want to connect to.
3. After the connection is made, messages can be sent to the DdeClient to request data, link to data (hotlink, warmlink, or coldlink), send data to the server, or ask the server to run a command.
4. To handle the arrival of data asynchronously from the server (that is, hotlinked and warmlinked items), the application must hook the DdeNdataCallback or the DdeNchangeCallback callbacks.
5. To connect to a different server or topic, send the disconnect message to the DdeClient and then send the connect:topic: message with the name of the server and the name of the topic to connect to.
6. When the application is finished, send the free message to the DdeClient.
Last modified date: 12/22/2017