EsEntryPoint protocols
EsEntryPoint has the following methods:
Instance methods: accessing
Answers the address (a positive integer) of the receiver. If the receiver is not already bound, binds it. If the binding fails, a walkback occurs.
Answers the fail address (a positive integer) of the receiver. Answers 0 if no fail address has been specified.
Sets the fail address (a positive integer) of the receiver to anInteger. If anInteger is not valid, a walkback occurs.
Answers the receiver of the callback message selector. Answers the selector of the callback message.
Answers true if the received accepts arguments as an array; false if the receiver accepts each argument individually.
Answers the calling convention (a Symbol) of the receiver.
Answers the number of arguments expected by the receiver.
Answers an array of the receiver's argument types (instances of Symbol).
Answers the Symbol describing the return type of the receiver.
Instance methods: miscellaneous
Unbinds the receiver. This returns the receiver's address to the pool of available addresses. The receiver must not be in use when it is unbound or the system may crash the next time the address is called. This also resets the fail address of the receiver to zero. All instances of EsEntryPoint and its subclasses are unbound when the image starts.
Class methods: instance creation
Answers a new EsEntryPoint with the given parameters. The callingConvention must be a String or Symbol. The receiver parameter may be any Smalltalk object. The selector parameter must be a Symbol. parameterTypes is an array of type names and returnType is a single type name.
There are two kinds of EsEntryPoints, depending on the value of arrayBased parameter when the EsEntryPoint was created. If arrayBased is false, the selector must take the same number of parameters as the number of parameters in the parameterTypes array; that is, one per external language parameter. If arrayBased is true, the selector must take one parameter, which is an array of all the parameters.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015