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Who should read this chapter
This chapter is for developers needing to interface to other languages or write custom primitive operations.
Some reasons to interface to other languages are:
Low-level operating system interface requirements
Performance-critical code or enhancements
Preserving existing business-critical code
You can use either of two mechanisms for interfacing to C code:
User primitives
If you need to interface to existing code written in C or other languages (operating system code, for example), you would use PlatformFunction, because it does not require you to write any C code. You can interface to C code using PlatformFunction completely from Smalltalk. PlatformFunction enables you to call arbitrary code that knows nothing about objects.
User primitives enable you to write performance-critical code that is Smalltalk-specific. This code is aware of Smalltalk objects. For this reason, these primitives can be very fast, and you can use them to improve performance.
This chapter assumes a familiarity with the C programming language and with the C compiler for the VA Smalltalk platform.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015