Printer configuration information
By default, printer configuration information is stored in the file Xpdefaults, in the printer subdirectory (that is, opt/IBMvast/printing). The information in this file is used by the printer prompter to allow selection and modification of currently defined printers. This file can be treated as common and shared by multiple users; it is important, however, to note the following:
The Xpdefaults file is read-only. When a user modifies the printer information in this file using the printer prompter, the resulting information is stored in the user's home directory in the file .Xpdefaults. If a user's home directory contains an .Xpdefaults file, this file will always be used in preference to the common Xpdefaults file. Each user, therefore, can have a different printer configuration. As a result, it is necessary to rename the $HOME/.Xpdefaults file to Xpdefaults and move the file to the printing directory for all users to have access to the newly installed printers.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015