Configuring printer setup options
The Xprinter Printer Setup widget does the following:
Reads default configuration information from file $HOME/.Xpdefaults, which is your local setup information file. If this file is absent, it reads default configuration information from Xpdefaults in the directory you specify as the printPath in the abt.ini file.
Presents this information to you and allows you to modify these defaults.
The orientation, scale, and number of copies to be printed can be specified directly using this widget. Additionally, the action area of the Printer Setup Widget contains the following six buttons:
Provides changed configuration information to the application without updating the default printer
Saves the current configuration information as your default printer
Reloads the default configuration from $HOME/.Xpdefaults
Closes the dialog and aborts all configuration changes
Displays the options dialog box that allows you to select a different printer setup
Displays the installation dialog box that allows you to add or remove printer devices and printer ports
Selecting the Install button opens a dialog allowing you to add and remove printer definitions.
To select a different printer or to change printer-specific properties, select Options. If the Options button is disabled, ensure that 'Printer Specific' is selected in the outputTo: field.
Printer name, resolution, page size, and paper tray can be changed using this dialog. Selecting the arrow button t the right of the field displays a list of valid values from which you can choose. The values presented differ based upon the particular printer selected. To save the configuration as the default, after you have changed the printer option, select Save. Select Apply when finished to close the printer prompter.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015