Tool bar widget
A tool bar (EwToolbar) provides an interface for building a horizontal or vertical bar containing user interface tools such as push buttons and labels. You can use tool bar widgets to implement the tool bars commonly found under the menu bar in GUI applications. You can use them to provide rows or columns of tools anywhere else in a window. Further, you can use them to implement status bars that allow applications to display various kinds of messages.
Several resources can control the way that a tool bar displays its tools. The numColumns resource can specify whether the tools should be arranged in columns. If the numColumns is 0, the tool bar lays out the tools in a row. Setting numColumns to 1 produces a vertical tool bar. The spacing resource determines how much space to leave between each tool.
You can specify the colors of the tool bar using the standard foregroundColor and backgroundColor resources. In addition, you can specify the default colors of tools using the toolForegroundColor and toolBackgroundColor resources.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015