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Extended list widgets
The Common Widgets subsystem provides the CwList widget so that applications can display lists of strings that can be viewed, selected, and scrolled. Because it is often more convenient to interact with and display collections of random objects, the Extended Widgets subsystem allows applications to create container widgets that can contain arbitrary objects and provide visual presentations other than simple text. Some of these widgets have a hierarchical (tree) version that displays hierarchical lists of objects.
The extended container widgets use different techniques for drawing the items provided by applications:
EwDrawnList uses callbacks to request customized drawing of items by an application.
EwIconList, EwIconTree, EwFlowedIconList, and EwIconArea use callbacks to request icons and labels that represent each item from an application.
EwTableList and EwTableTree use callbacks to request the objects to be displayed in individual cells.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015