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Windows Common Controls
The Widgets described in this section are only available on Windows. The Common Window Controls exposed in VA Smalltalk include
CwDateTimePicker provides support for displaying and entering dates and times
CwMonthCalendar visually represents a calendar
CwProgressBar visually represents the progress of a lengthy operation
CwRebar contains one or more bands; each band can contain a single widget. Interactions with the child widget can be sent to a listener such as the rebar or the application to which the rebar belongs.
CwStatusBar is a horizontal window at the bottom of a parent window in which an application can display various kinds of status information.
CwTabStrip is like a set of dividers in a notebook
CwTrackBar provides a visual means of representing a value in a range of values
CwTreeView displays a hierarchical list of items
CwToolBar contains one or more buttons which, when pressed, send a command to the parent window.
CwTable provides a great looking widget for row and column data. It implements the Windows Table Control for a native Windows look.
These widgets are kinds of primitive or composite widgets.
Last modified date: 04/21/2022