Scrolled lists
A scrolled list is a CwList widget with scrolling capability. All resources and callbacks associated with lists can be applied to scrolled lists. The scrolling mechanism is handled automatically.
Scrolled list
Creating a scrolled list inserts a CwScrolledWindow parent between the list and the receiver of the creation message. In other words, createScrolledList:argBlock: returns an instance of CwList (the child of a CwScrolledWindow); however, the CwScrolledWindow is the child of the form. Form attachment messages must therefore be sent to the CwList's parent.
In the following example, a scrolled list widget is created as a child of a form. The list selection policy is set to XmSINGLESELECT. A singleSelection callback is added, corresponding to the selection policy.
| items shell form list |
items := OrderedCollection new.
"20 items are initialized as the list contents."
1 to: 20 do: [:i |
items add: 'Item ', i printString].
shell := CwTopLevelShell
createApplicationShell: 'shell'
argBlock: [:w | w title: 'Scrolled List Example'].
form := shell
createForm: 'form'
argBlock: nil.
form manageChild.
list := form
"Create the scrolled list. The list widget is answered, not the scrolled window."
createScrolledList: 'list'
argBlock: [:w |
"Set the scrolling policy to single selection, the number of visible items
to one-half of the number of items, and the list's items to items."
selectionPolicy: XmSINGLESELECT;
visibleItemCount: items size // 2;
items: items].
addCallback: XmNsingleSelectionCallback
receiver: self
selector: #singleSelect:clientData:callData:
clientData: nil.
list manageChild.
"Note that the attachments are set on the parent of the list (which
is a CwScrolledWindow). The scrolled window is the child of the form,
not the list widget."
list parent setValuesBlock: [:w |
topAttachment: XmATTACHFORM;
topOffset: 10;
bottomAttachment: XmATTACHFORM;
bottomOffset: 10;
leftAttachment: XmATTACHFORM;
leftOffset: 10;
rightAttachment: XmATTACHFORM;
rightOffset: 10].
shell realizeWidget
If other children of a form are to be attached to a scrolled list, which is a child of the form, using XmATTACHWIDGET, they must be attached to the scrolled list's parent.
Last modified date: 12/21/2017