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Creating a menu bar and pull-down menu using simple menu protocol
The following code creates a window with a menu bar containing the menu illustrated at right. Simple menu creation methods are used.
| shell main menuBar fileMenu |
shell := CwTopLevelShell
createApplicationShell: 'shell'
argBlock: [:w |
w title: 'Pull-down Menu Example'].
main := shell
createMainWindow: 'main'
argBlock: nil.
main manageChild.
"A simple menu bar is created as a child of the main window.
The label for the button and its mnemonic is specified. In a
menu bar, all items are cascade buttons, so the buttonType
resource need not be explicitly set."
menuBar := main
createSimpleMenuBar: 'bar'
argBlock: [:w |
buttons: #('File');
buttonMnemonics: #($F)].
menuBar manageChild.
fileMenu := menuBar
"A simple pull-down menu is created as a child of the menu bar."
createSimplePulldownMenu: 'file'
argBlock: [:w |
buttons: #('Open' 'separator' 'Close');
buttonType: (Array
"Two normal items and a separator are specified"
buttonMnemonics: (Array
with: $O
with: 0 asCharacter
with: $C);
"The menu is attached to (dropped down from) the first
(0th) item i the menu bar: the File cascade button."
postFromButton: 0].
"A simple callback runs whenever an item is selected from the File menu."
addCallback: XmNsimpleCallback
receiver: self
selector: #fileMenu:clientData:callData:
clientData: nil.
setAreas: menuBar
horizontalScrollbar: nil
verticalScrollbar: nil
workRegion: nil.
shell realizeWidget.

The simpleCallback callback used by the code is shown below.
fileMenu: widget clientData: clientData callData: callData
"Execute the desired operation."
self perform: (#(#doOpen #doClose) at: clientData + 1).
Last modified date: 04/18/2020