Toggle-button widgets
Create toggle-button widgets (CwToggleButton) using the createToggleButton:argBlock: convenience method.
Toggle buttons have two states: on and off. The state of a toggle button can be queried and changed using the getState and setState:notify: messages, respectively. Toggle buttons call their valueChanged callback when their state is changed.
Toggle buttons are typically used to create radio-button and check-box groups using row column convenience methods described in the next sections. The toggle-button indicatorType resource controls whether the toggle button has a radio-button or a check-box appearance. When the resource value is set to XmONEOFMANY, the button has a radio-button appearance. When the value is set to XmNOFMANY, the button has a check-box appearance.
On some platforms, toggle buttons turn on when they are given focus.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015