Programmer Reference : Common Widgets : Creating and using widgets
Creating and using widgets
The previous section provided an overview of how widgets are created and configured, and how they interact with an application. This section describes how to create and use specific widgets in the Common Widgets subsystem. A more detailed description of callbacks and event handlers is also provided.
The following widgets are discussed:
CwTopLevelShell, CwDialogShell, CwOverrideShell
Main windows and scrolled windows
CwMainWindow and CwScrolledWindow
Text editors and drawing areas
CwText andCwDrawingArea
Layout widgets
CwForm and CwRowColumn
Buttons and labels
CwLabel, CwDrawnButton, CwPushButton, CwToggleButton
Menus and menu items
CwRowColumn, CwCascadeButton, CwPushButton
Lists and combo boxes
CwList and CwComboBox
Composite boxes
CwBulletinBoard, CwCompositeBox, CwMessageBox, CwSelectionBox
These widgets have many resources and callbacks. This section discusses only the most commonly used resources and callbacks. For a complete list, see Appendix A, "Widget resources and callbacks".
Last modified date: 04/19/2020