Programmer Reference : Common Graphics : Using palettes : Creating indexed palettes
Creating indexed palettes
If the default palette does not satisfy the application's color requirements, the application can create its own indexed palette by using the colors: class method. In the following example, a palette with 5 different levels of gray, from black to white is created:
| colors palette |
(colors := Array new: 5)
at: 1 put: (CgRGBColor intensity: 16r0000);
at: 2 put: (CgRGBColor intensity: 16r1FFF);
at: 3 put: (CgRGBColor intensity: 16r7FFF);
at: 4 put: (CgRGBColor intensity: 16rBFFF);
at: 5 put: (CgRGBColor intensity: 16rFFFF).
palette := CgIndexedPalette colors: colors
The following example creates a palette using named colors:
| names colors palette |
names := #('black' 'white' 'red' 'green' 'blue' 'brown' 'aquamarine' 'pink').
colors := names collect: [:name |
CgScreen default lookupColor: name].
palette := CgIndexedPalette colors: colors
Last modified date: 01/29/2015