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Creating stipples using bitmaps
To carry the example further, the bitmap in the previous example could be used to create a stipple drawing pattern. The pattern (a brick pattern) is created as a bitmap. This bitmap is set as the stipple pattern in a graphics context using the setStipple: method. The fill style, FillOpaqueStippled, and the stipple origin offsets (x: 1 y: 2) are also set by sending the appropriate messages to the graphics context. The graphics context is then used to draw a filled rectangle.
| bits bitmap |
bits := #
2r11111111 2r00000001 2r00000001 2r00000001
2r11111111 2r00010000 2r00010000 2r00010000].
bitmap := CgWindow default
createBitmapFromData: bits
width: 8
height: 8.
CgGC default
setFillStyle: FillOpaqueStippled;
setTSOrigin: 1 tsYOrigin: 2;
setStipple: bitmap;
setForeground: CgWindow default blackPixel;
setBackground: CgWindow default whitePixel.
CgWindow default
fillRectangle: CgGC default
x: 50
y: 50
width: 100
height: 100.
CgGC default setFillStyle: FillSolid.
bitmap freePixmap.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015