Using fonts
This section gives an overview of the Common Graphics font system. For more details, refer to the X11R4 reference manual. For further information on scalable fonts, refer to the X11R5 reference manual. The following classes comprise the font system:
Represents a loaded font with a given size and style
Describes a CgFont. Contains information such as the number of characters in the font, font height, average character width, ascender height, descender height, whether the font is monospaced or proportional, and the dimensions of each character in the font
Contains additional font properties, such as the font's name
Describes the dimensions of each character in the font
Specifies the font to use in string drawing operations
Loads and lists available fonts
Is a data structure used by the drawText: method, which draws multiple text strings, each with different attributes, in a single drawing operation
Is a data structure used to assist in specifying and parsing font names
Last modified date: 01/29/2015