Drawing rectangles
The drawRectangle:x:y:width:height:, fillRectangle:x:y:width:height:, drawRectangles:rectangles: and fillRectangles:rectangles: messages are used to draw outlined and filled rectangles. The fillRectangle: and fillRectangles: messages are shown in the following example:
CgWindow default
fillRectangle: CgGC default
x: 10
y: 10
width: 50
height: 50.
| rects rect1 rect2 |
rect1 := 10@10 extent: 50@50.
rect2 := 70@10 extent: 50@50.
rects := Array with: rect1 with: rect2.
CgWindow default
fillRectangles: CgGC default
rectangles: rects.
Last modified date: 04/18/2020