Copying files
A file can be copied by sending the copy:new: message to the CfsFileDescriptor class. An example is shown below.
CfsFileDescriptor copy: 'filename.txt' new: 'filename.bak'.
On platforms which do not provide an OS file copy function, copy:new: is performed using buffered read/write.
Copy can be performed across devices. An example of an efficient move function implemented using rename and copy is shown below. For an explanation of errno codes, see "Handling errors".
| result pathA pathB |
"Attempt to move the from pathA to pathB using rename.
If that fails because it cannot rename across devices,
copy it and delete the original."
pathA := 'C:\temp\test.txt'.
pathB := 'A:\'.
result := CfsFileDescriptor rename: pathA new: pathB.
(result isCfsError and: [result errno = EXDEV] )
ifTrue: [
"Platform cannot rename across devices"
result := CfsFileDescriptor copy: pathA new: pathB.
result isCfsError
ifFalse: [
"Copy successful, delete original"
result := CfsFileDescriptor remove: pathA.
Last modified date: 06/09/2018