String converting
The following methods are String and DBString instance methods.
asClassPoolKey, asGlobalKey, asPoolKey
The messages asClassPoolKey, asGlobalKey, and asPoolKey are not in the Blue Book. They have been added to VA Smalltalk to provide developers with a way to ensure that class variables, global variables, and pool dictionary keys have the class that is correct for the platform (usually either String or Symbol). VA Smalltalk will not accept class variables, global variables, or pool dictionary keys containing characters whose value exceeds 255; consequently asClassPoolKey, asGlobalKey, and asPoolKey messages will not be useful if sent to a DBString that contains these characters.
Porting tip:
Neither Smalltalk/V nor Objectworks\Smalltalk support asClassPoolKey, asGlobalKey, or asPoolKey.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015