LDAP session
It is necessary to create an LDAP session (Smalltalk class LdapSession) with the LDAP server before performing any operations on the server's data.
1. Create and initialize a new instance of LdapSession.
2. Connect it to your server.
3. Set the LDAP Version to 3; version 2 is obsolete and should not be used.
4. Bind the LDAP session to the server; bind is equivalent to logon.
See EsLdapExamples class>> newLdapSessionForExample. In this example the hostname is (aka localhost) and the port is 10389. These correspond to the way the Apache Directory Studio was set up.
Among other messages, LdapSession understands:
getFirstRootEntry –
Gets the first root entry. (See EsLdapExamples class>> exampleGetFirstRootEntry.)
getAllRootEntries –
Gets all the first root entries. (See EsLdapExamples class>> exampleGetAllRootEntries.)
unbind –
Frees all resources associated with an LDAP session.
Best practice is to end the session once the data is no longer required.
Last modified date: 05/25/2018