Programmer Reference : Native Process Framework (OsProcess)
Native Process Framework (OsProcess)
This application provides cross-platform support for executing and controlling external programs.
Important: On Linux, make sure to distribute the VAST-provided binary 'esproclauncher' with packaged runtimes
Process Configuration and spawning:
<OsProcessStarter>, <OsPipelineStarter> and <OsPipelineChainStarter> provide a rich api to configure how
external programs are to run and be communicated with.
Examples: @see <OsProcessStarter> class comments.
DSL syntax that allows the user to configure pipelines for parallel processing.
Examples: @see <OsPipelineStarter> class comments.
DSL syntax that allows the user to conditionally chain together processes and pipelines for conditional parallel processing.
Examples: @see <OsPipelineChainStarter> class comments.
Process environment query and modification API
Examples: @see <OsProcessEnvironment> class comments.
Integrated with our powerful futures framework for async programming tasks.
Examples: @see method comments from #onCompletion in <OsNativeProcess>, <OsPipeline> and
Blocking/Non-blocking IO streams to facilitate interactive conversation between VAST and external programs.
Tracing information as processes are started to give additional insights and solve issues.
Examples: @see <OsProcessStarter> class comments.
Systems Programming
Query all native processes in the system, control them, get information about them...
Examples: @see <OsNativeProcess> and <OsProcessInfo> class comments.
Last modified date: 07/07/2022