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User Guide
Communications Subsystem design
Dialog layer
System layer
System interface layer
Deciding which layer to use
The Communications/Transactions feature in VA Smalltalk
Using the dialog layer
Adding a Proc Dialog
Setting up an APPC conversation
Setting up a CICS transaction
Setting up a CPI-C conversation
Setting up an MQI conversation
Setting up an RPC/XDR conversation
Specifying function-call details
Setting up a TCP/IP socket
Using a Proc Dialog in an application
Using the system layer
Adding a Connection part
Adding a Connection Spec part
Adding a reception part
Connecting and disconnecting (except RPC and CICS)
Sending and receiving data (except RPC and CICS)
Handling errors
Using the system layer in an application
Using the RPC system layer
Adding a RPC Client part
Adding a RPC Connection Spec.
Executing an RPC transaction
Handling errors
Using the CICS ECI system layer
Adding a CICS Program
Adding a CICS Logical Unit of Work
Executing a CICS transaction
Server programming with VA Smalltalk
Communications programming with basic VA Smalltalk
The dialog layer
AbtConnectionSpec protocol
Dialog protocols
The system layer
Using the APPC system layer
Using the CICS system layer
Using the CPI-C system layer
Using the MQ Series system layer
Using the TCP/IP system layer
Using the RPC/XDR client system layer
Using the RPC/XDR server system layer
Server programming with basic VA Smalltalk
Communications/Transactions feature EHLLAPI support
What is EHLLAPI?
Why use EHLLAPI?
Using EHLLAPI with VA Smalltalk parts
Adding a 3270 Screen part
Tailoring a 3270 Screen part
Using 3270 screens in an application
Example program using a 3270 screen part
Using EHLLAPI with Smalltalk code
Basic EHLLAPI classes
3270 Terminal example method
Writing communications applications for the server
Writing APPC transaction programs
Writing APPC applications for CICS
Writing a front-end transaction program for CICS
Writing a back-end transaction program for CICS
Writing APPC applications with the VA Smalltalk APPC classes
Writing a front-end transaction program
Writing a back-end transaction program
Using MVS CICS options
Writing a CPI-C application
Writing CPI-C applications for VA Smalltalk Server
Writing a front-end transaction program
Writing a back-end transaction
Writing an MQSeries application
Writing MQSeries applications for VA Smalltalk Server
Step 1: Instantiating the connection
Step 2: Connecting to the queue manager
Step 3: Opening the queue
Step 4: Putting messages on a queue
Step 5: Getting messages from a queue
Step 6: Closing the queue and disconnecting
Step 7: Disconnecting from the queue
Writing a TCP/IP application
Creating a database application that uses TCP/IP to access a server
Creating an application
Adding database function
Defining a client user interface
Defining a database record
Defining a TCP/IP server
Testing your application
Sample Programs
Installing the Communications/Transactions feature's TCP/IP support
Using TCP/IP Sockets
Building the client application
Building the server application
Testing the application
Parts Reference
3270 Screen part
3270 Screen Settings -- General
3270 Screen Settings -- Input fields
3270 Screen Settings -- Output Fields
3270 Screen Attributes
3270 Screen Actions
3270 Screen Events
3270 Terminal part
APPC Category
APPC Proc Dialog part
APPC Proc Dialog Settings -- Destination
APPC Proc Dialog Settings -- Conversation
APPC Proc Dialog Settings -- Data Attributes
APPC Proc Dialog Settings -- Records
APPC Proc Dialog Attributes
APPC Proc Dialog Actions
APPC Proc Dialog Events
APPC Conversation part
APPC Conversation Attributes
APPC Conversation Actions
APPC Conversation Events
APPC Error part
APPC Error Attributes
APPC Error Actions
APPC Connection Spec part
APPC Connection Spec Settings - Destination
APPC Connection Spec Settings - Conversation
APPC Connection Spec Settings - Data Attributes
APPC Connection Spec Attributes
APPC Connection Spec Actions
APPC Connection Spec Events
APPC Receive Buffer part
APPC Receive Buffer Settings - General
APPC Receive Buffer Attributes
APPC Receive Buffer Actions
APPC Receive Buffer Events
CICS Category
CICS Proc Dialog part
CICS Proc Dialog Settings - Destination
CICS Proc Dialog Settings - MVS tab
CICS Proc Dialog Settings - Data Attributes
CICS Proc Dialog Settings - Records
CICS Proc Dialog Attributes
CICS Proc Dialog Actions
CICS Proc Dialog Events
CICS Logical Unit of Work part
CICS Logical Unit of Work Attributes
CICS Logical Unit of Work Actions
CICS Logical Unit of Work Events
CICS Program part
CICS Program Settings - Destination
CICS Program Settings - MVS tab
CICS Program Attributes
CICS Program Actions
CICS Program Events
CPI-C Category
CPI-C Proc Dialog part
CPI-C Proc Dialog Settings - Destination
CPI-C Proc Dialog Settings - Data Attributes
CPI-C Proc Dialog Settings - Records
CPI-C Proc Dialog Attributes
CPI-C Proc Dialog Actions
CPI-C Proc Dialog Events
CPI-C Conversation part
CPI-C Conversation Attributes
CPI-C Conversation Actions
CPI-C Conversation Events
CPI-C Connection Spec part
CPI-C Connection Spec Settings - Destination
CPI-C Connection Spec Settings - Data Attributes
CPI-C Connection Spec Attributes
CPI-C Connection Spec Actions
CPI-C Connection Spec Events
CPI-C Receive Buffer part
CPI-C Receive Buffer Settings - General
CPI-C Receive Buffer Attributes
CPI-C Receive Buffer Actions
CPI-C Receive Buffer Events
MQSeries Category
MQSeries Proc Dialog part
MQSeries Proc Dialog Settings -- General
MQSeries Proc Dialog Settings -- Records
MQSeries Proc Dialog Attributes
MQSeries Proc Dialog Actions
MQSeries Proc Dialog Events
MQSeries Connection part
MQSeries Connection Attributes
MQSeries Connection Actions
MQSeries Connection Events
MQSeries Connection Spec part
MQSeries Connection Spec -- General
MQ Series Connection Spec - Distribution List
MQSeries Connection Spec Attributes
MQSeries Connection Spec Actions
MQSeries Connection Spec Events
MQSeries Message part
MQSeries Message Settings - General
MQSeries Message Attributes
MQSeries Message Actions
MQSeries Message Events
TCP/IP Category
RPC Connection Specification part
RPC Connection Spec Settings - Program Information
RPC Connection Spec Settings- Network Information
RPC Connection Specification Attributes
RPC Connection Specification Actions
RPC Connection Specification Events
RPC Client part
RPC Client Attributes
RPC Client Actions
RPC Client Events
RPC Proc Dialog part
RPC Proc Dialog Settings - Program Information
RPC Proc Dialog Settings - Network Information
RPC Proc Dialog Attributes
RPC Proc Dialog Actions
RPC Proc Dialog Events
TCP/IP Proc Dialog part
TCP/IP Proc Dialog Settings -- Destination
TCP/IP Proc Dialog Settings -- Data Attributes
TCP/IP Proc Dialog Settings -- Records
TCP/IP Proc Dialog Attributes
TCP/IP Proc Dialog Actions
TCP/IP Proc Dialog Events
TCP/IP Socket part
TCP/IP Socket Attributes
TCP/IP Socket Actions
TCP/IP Socket Events
TCP/IP Connection Spec part
TCP/IP Connection Spec Settings -- Destination
TCP/IP Connection Spec Settings -- Data Attributes
TCP/IP Connection Spec Attributes
TCP/IP Connection Spec Actions
TCP/IP Connection Spec Events
Buffer part
Buffer Settings -- General
Buffer Attributes
Buffer Actions
Buffer Events
Support for multiple vendors and software versions
Support for IBM and Attachmate on Windows
Support for SNA Server on AIX
Communicating over networks
Working with procedure dialogs
Overview of procedure dialogs
Adding and defining procedure dialogs
Connecting to procedure dialogs
Communicating with 3270-based applications
Overview of communicating with a 3270-based application
Adding and defining 3270 Screen parts
Connecting to 3270 Screen parts
Building a network connection
Overview of building a network connection
Adding network communication links
Connecting to a network connection part
Pop-up menu for parts in the Communication Category