Web services Guide
Web services Guide
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Understanding Web services
Getting Started: Web services in 10 Minutes
Installing the Web services Feature
Creating a simple web service
Creating a Web service
Local Deployment
Remote Deployment
Getting Started: Web services in an Hour
Creating a Web service
Deploying a Web service
Invoking a Web service
Getting Started: Web services in a Day
Using Document Literal Style
XML File Generation
Deploying the Web Service In the Server Image
Using RPC Literal Style
Using RPC Encoded Style
Using RPC Encoded Style
Exchanging Complex Data in A Web Service
XML File Generation
Modifications to XML files
Deploying the Server Web Service
Invoking the Web Service
Using A Custom Handler in a Web Service with Complex Data Types
Modifications to XML files
Deploying the Server Web Service
Invoking a Web Service
User Guide
Web services Platform Overview
Web services: All objects, all the time
Location Transparency
Smalltalk Language Semantics
Overview of the Web Services Container
Detailed Component Architecture & Advanced Concepts
The Container Framework
Web Service Handlers and Message Processing
Packaging a Web service
Deploying packaged Web services
Processing Web Services Which use Soap 1.2 Extensions
Debugging Tips
How to Send a SOAP Response Using the SstHttpServer Example
Using Breakpoints
The SOAP envelope request
Deconstructing the SOAP envelope request
Construction of SOAP envelope response
Deserializing XML data
Creating a Secure Web Service
How to Make Web Service Requests That Affect A User Interface
How to Create and Register A Custom SstTransport for A Secure Web Service
WSDL and imported schemas using the document/literal or document/literal wrapped pattern are not serialized properly
An Element with a ref attribute referring to another namespace was serialized incorrectly in the SOAP Envelope
Appendix A: Insurance Policy Example Workspace Code
XML and WSDL File Generation
Server Workspace Code
Client Workspace Code
Client Workspace Code: Policy Verification