WidgetKit/Controls Reference Guide : Appendix A Graphics Editor
Appendix A Graphics Editor
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Any time that a widget attribute calls for an image to be selected, the Graphics Editor is used. It can be used to select a variety of graphical file types as well as images contained within DLLs. The editor remembers previously selected images for easy retrieval the next time they need to be used.
File Name
Specifies the file name of the graphic file to be used as the label for the widget. A variety of graphics file formats are supported including standard bitmaps (BMP files), PCX file and TIFF files. If the file name does not include a path, the file is assumed to reside in the local directory or in the system bitmaps directory.
Preferred Icon Size
Specifies the preferred icon size to extract from an icon file.
Module Name
Specifies the name of the module (DLL) containing the bitmap to be used as the label for the widget
Specifies the ID of the of the bitmap in the specified module.
Opens a file dialog from which a graphics file may be selected.
Clears any graphic choice that has been made.
Last modified date: 11/19/2018