WidgetKit/Controls Reference Guide : Installing the WidgetKit/Controls feature : Installing WidgetKit/Controls into the VAST Image
Installing WidgetKit/Controls into the VAST Image
To install WidgetKit/Controls, bring up the VAST (VA Smalltalk) image. There are two ways to load WidgetKit/Controls into your image:
1. Automatic Load
From the Transcript’s Tools menu, select the Load/Unload Features... option. Select “WidgetKit/Controls” from the dialog box. This will load WidgetKit/Controls into your image.
2. Manual Load
Bring up a Configuration Maps Browser, and load this configuration into your image.
When WidgetKit/Controls has finished loading, a new pulldown menu (WidgetKit) will appear in the Transcript window. You can execute the WidgetKit/Controls examples by choosing the menu item “Controls | Examples” under the WidgetKit pulldown. This menu item opens a launcher that allows you to select the example from the list and open or edit it.
Last modified date: 05/20/2022