What you should already know
To be successful using WidgetKit/Controls, you need
a working knowledge of VAST Platform (VA Smalltalk) and either WindowBuilder Pro or the Composition Editor
familiarity with components and navigation of the operating system you are using
This manual assumes that you have a functional knowledge of VAST Platform and either WindowBuilder Pro or the Composition Editor. Both systems allow you to generate user interfaces without knowing how to program in Smalltalk. However, you will not be able to write the code necessary to create a fully functioning application. If you are new to Smalltalk, you should work through the examples provided in the Programmer Reference and either the WindowBuilder Pro or Composition Editor tutorials in Getting Started before proceeding with WidgetKit/Controls.
You need to be familiar with operating system interface components such as dialog boxes, buttons, and menus. You should also understand the mouse concepts of pointing and clicking, as well as the text manipulation commands for your system.
Last modified date: 05/20/2022